Kelly Matheson Challenges You!


Kelly Matheson

Rowing experience: 

My university started up a competitive rowing club during my last year of studies. So, I joined for a season only having the opportunity to compete in two regattas. I didn’t row again until September of 2016 when I joined Willem III. For the many years in between, I rowed white water rafts or kayaked of some of the most iconic stretches of rivers in the United States including the Green, San Juan, Metolius, McKenzie, Skykomish, Snake, Lochsa, and my favorite of all, the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.



What does rowing mean to you?

For me rowing is balance. The boat always lets me know if I am having a great day or a tougher one. And whenever it’s a tougher one, being on the water always brings my focus back and allows me to be in the present. I also love rowing because Willem III is like a second family and it’s simply fun!

What do you like about the Virtual Head of the River 2021? 

Since I row for balance, fun, and health and not competitively, the Virtual Head is a fun and easy way to bring in a bit of competition to my rowing. Not only competition with fellow rowers but also with myself. I just started rowing in a skiff last fall and if it weren’t for the Virtual Head, I really doubt I would have pushed myself to row 8 km on my first time out this spring!

In what field do you want to participate?

The veteran women’s 4 km.

Who do you want to challenge?

I would love to challenge the King and Queen of the Netherlands to row the Virtual Head! I know they are big supporters of Dutch rowing community and rowing events around the country! And, if the King and Queen can’t join, I would love to challenge my expat rowing friends!