Boat Trailers

Registration boat trailers Head of the River Amstel

In the weeks leading up to the Head of the River Amstel weekend, each boat trailer should be registered. Registration can be done at the rowing club where your own club is assigned to. (see below)

Required information:

  • Name of transporter / transporting club
  • Name of driver and contact details (a cell phone number is needed, please include)
  • Arrival date and estimated time of arrival
  • Quantity of boats and type of boats

The required information can be submitted at the following email addresses:
     Boat trailers assigned to RIC: [email protected]
     Boat trailers assigned to Willem III, Skøll, Poseidon: [email protected]

For the ‘second’ group, a place will be determined in consultation between the three rowing associations for unloading

Unloading and parking

Volunteers of the Head organisation will guide arriving boat trailers to their designated location. Large trailers, coming to the Jan Vroegopsingel, will have their designated parking spot, where they are not asked to unload. Smaller trailers are asked to unload if possible to the available boat racks. Please do not place your boats on single supports, or on the grass, this would limit the available space.

An empty boat trailer can be parked at the Police Training Center, Ouderkerkerdijk 150, 1096 CR Amsterdam Parking is possible from Friday afternoon 10 March until no later than Sunday evening 12 March.

Who is you guest rowing club?

Updated list per 09-03 2023

Jan Vroegopsingel

Willem III • Proteus Eretes • DDS • Orca • Triton • Viking • Vidar • De Laak • Okeanos • Argo • Donau RC Ingolstadt • Erster Kieler Ruder-Club • Erster Wiener Ruderclub LIA • Frankfurter RG Germania • Frankfurter RG Nied • Lübecker RG • Limburger CfW • Wiking Berlin • Mannheimer Rudergesellschaft Rheinau etc. • Richtershorner Ruderverein • Ruder-Gesellschaft HANSA e.V. • Ruderklub am Wannsee • RK am Baldeneysee Essen • Ruderverein Weser v. 1885 e.V. Hameln • Wassersport Abteilung Polizei Hamburg • Wassersportverein Mülheim (Ruhr) e.V • Sportschule im Olympiapark – Poelchau • York City • KNZ&RV • KWVL • Osnabrücker Ruder-Verein • Ulmer RC Donau

Skøll • Skadi • Nautilus • Laga • Asopos de Vliet • Leythe • Aegir • Gyas • Hunze • Euros • Phocas • De Waal • Njord

Poseidon • Pelargos • Asser Roeiclub • De Helling • Jason • De Maas • VADA • De Drie Provincien • Thyro • Tubantia • Aengwirden

Korte Ouderkerkerdijk
Be aware of the changed traffic situation when driving to RIC. For details on how to reach the RIC club house, check their Aanrijroutepagina (Dutch only)

RIC • Amycus • Naarden • Dordrechtse R&ZV • Saurus • Spaarne • Eem • Daventria • Hemus • Zwolsche R&ZV • Alkmaarsche R&ZV • UR&KV Michiel de Ruyter • Tilburgse open Roeivereniging • Grift • Pampus • Breda • Rijnland • MWC • Beatrix • Hertog • Gouda • Dudok van Heel • Favorite Hammonia • Alphen • AROSS • Boreas • ‘t Diep • Meije • Weesp • Wetterwille • Pontos • London Rowing Club/Tromp/Aengwirden/Triton